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Pre-natal Massage

Pregnancy is a phase of great physical and emotional change. It is a perfect time for a woman to practice nurturing herself in preparation for her new role as a caregiver. Good nutrition, ample rest, and regular prenatal massage benefit not only the mother-to-be, but also her unborn child. Benefits of prenatal massage include relaxation, increased circulation, and improved digestion, as well as ease of discomfort and maintenance of skin and muscle tone.

The peaceful and nurturing atmosphere of the massage treatment room provides a safe and quiet place where an expectant mother can connect with her changing body and growing baby. One major body change in pregnancy is a shift in posture to accommodate the weight of the growing fetus. This shift may bring about shoulder pain, backache, or sciatica. Many women also experience headaches, leg cramps and muscular discomfort. Massage therapy is a wonderfully soothing and natural treatment to address this wide range of symptoms.

Price:  $75 for one hour

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